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Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector Connectors
Dr.c | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector connectors
1.0 beautiful syringe and solid connector Overview:
Beautiful syringe and solid connector is a 90 years of foreign development of a new form of drug packaging, after more than 10 years of promotion and use, for the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases and medical development, played a very good role. Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector connectors are mainly used for storage of high-grade drugs and used directly for injection or for ophthalmic, otological, orthopedic and other surgical rinse.
2.0 Historical background:
For the injection of the body of the syringe in the world has experienced four generations of products:
1) All-use all-glass syringes
2) disposable sterile plastic syringes
3) disposable beautiful syringe and solid connector
4) nitrogen high pressure needleless syringe.
At present, the first generation of all-glass syringes have been used less. The second-generation disposable sterile plastic syringes are used throughout the world, although they are of low cost and easy to use, but they are also defective, such as acid and alkali, recycling, polluting the environment. As a result, developed countries and regions have been gradually using the third generation of Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector connectors. The fourth generation of products is still in the development stage.
Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector connectors have both storage and general injection effects, and the use of a good compatibility and stability of the material, not only safe and reliable, and compared to the traditional "vial + syringe" approach, the maximum Reduce the labor from the production to use the cost and cost, to the pharmaceutical companies and clinical use of many aspects of the advantages. At present, more and more pharmaceutical companies have been used and applied in clinical, the next few years will inevitably become the main packaging of drugs, and gradually replace the status of ordinary syringes.
3.0 Features:
Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector connectors as a new form of drug packaging, which is characterized by:
1) the use of high-quality glass and rubber components, and the drug has a good compatibility, to ensure the stability of the drug packaging;
2) to reduce the drug storage and transfer process due to the absorption of waste, especially for expensive biochemical formulations, is of great significance;
3) to avoid the use of dilution after repeated suction, reduce the chance of secondary pollution;
4) the use of filling machine quantitative filling liquid way, than the medical staff manually pumping liquid more accurate;
5) can be directly marked on the injection container name of the drug, the clinical error is not easy; if the use of easy to peel the label, but also conducive to save the patient medication information;
6) easy to operate, the clinical use of ampoules than half the time to save, especially for emergency patients.
4.0 Product classification and structure (see structure diagram on next page)
Products are divided into two types of injection needle and without injection needle
4.1 with injection needle for the needle embedded by the glass needle, needle cap, piston and putter composition; currently can produce specifications 1ml standard / 25G, 1ml slender / 27G, 1ml slender belt scale / 27G , 2.25 ml / 27G;
4.2 without a needle is divided into a tapered and screw head, cone head by the glass needle, cone head cap, piston and putter composition; screw head by the glass needle, screw head cap, screw head, Piston and putter composition; the current specifications can be produced 2.25ml cone head, 2.25ml spiral head type, 3ml cone head type;

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