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The History Of Aesthetic Needles
Dr.c | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

The history of Aesthetic Needles
Sick to the hospital injection, water, for the modern people is not surprising. However, you know how to use the Aesthetic Needles of the needle is invented? Why can it be so safe? This seemingly humble invention, in fact, has a long history.
As early as the 1760s, Germany appeared on the intravenous infusion of the monks, this time a small number of doctors in order to save lives, made with animal bladder intravenous injection tools, hollow branches inserted into the human body for blood transfusion, but caused a lot of fatal complications. Subsequently, due to the ban on the Paris parliament, this technology gradually disappeared. By the beginning of the 19th century, the rapid development of pharmaceutical technology, doctors began to try further, syringes came into being, the needle by the Irish doctor Francis Ryan invented. But the true combination of syringes and needles was achieved by the joint efforts of Scottish physician Alexander Wood in 1853 and Charles Pleasius of France, which became the originator of the modern aesthetic needle. Subsequently, Alexander has improved the Aesthetic Needles of the needle: the needle on the scale, the needle is more fine. This improved aesthetic aesthetics have been widely used, bringing a leap in the history of medicine.
In the 1950s, the development of aesthetic acupuncture welcomed another spring. The rapid development of plastic industry, for the production of aesthetics into the new elements. In 1956, New Zealand doctor Colin Murdoch invented disposable plastic aesthetics needle, it not only adhering to the traditional glass aesthetics needle transparent, inert advantages, but also has easy to damage, easy to transport, low cost, easy to recover and other characteristics, Is a glass of aesthetics. Since then the new aesthetic needle began to scale production, and gradually become the first choice for doctors.
Many people are afraid of injections because of fear and pain, but many years later this problem will be resolved. At present, scientists are developing a "micro needle", its diameter as fine hair, can significantly reduce or even eliminate the pain when injected. The future development of aesthetic acupuncture, must be toward a more effective, more secure, more humane direction.
Aesthetic needle is a common medical utensils, as early as the 15th century, the Italian Katiniel put forward the principle of aesthetics needle. It consists of a syringe with a small hole at the front end and a matching piston rod, which is mainly used for injection of liquid or liquid.
As early as the 15th century, the Italian Cartier made the principle of aesthetic needle. But it was not until 1657 that the British Boyle and Rennes had their first human test. French King Louis XVI (1774-1972 reign) military surgeon Abel also had a vision of a piston-type aesthetics. But it is generally believed that the French Pravorz is the inventor of the aesthetic needle. In 1853 he produced a beautiful needle is made of silver, the capacity of only 1 ml, and a threaded piston rod.
British Ferguson first uses a glass aesthetics needle. Glass transparency is good, you can see the situation of injecting drugs.
All glass aesthetics needle has not been eliminated. Traditional glass aesthetics needle as long as the high temperature and pressure disinfection and the use of the correct way to store is fully able to meet the requirements of health and safety can be used.
Because the use of traditional Aesthetic Needles of this needle to spend a lot of manpower and resources to do disinfection, storage, collection, distribution and other work, as a one-time aesthetic needle easy to use, so the vast majority of hospitals have not used this traditional Aesthetic Needles needle. From an environmental point of view. Or glass aesthetics needle better.

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