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A Simple Analysis Of Disposable Needles
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

A simple analysis of disposable Needles

Believe in the name of the disposable needle can not familiar with, but we is no stranger to infusion, although will be afraid of, but the basic are infusion, so today will take you to know about the disposable Needles.

The first use of a pin is made up of these parts (as shown below) :

1. Protective cover (generally used to protect the bottle stopper)

2. Bottle stopper

3. Air intake device

4, dropper,

Every time we see a drop of something in the infusion

6. Pharmaceutical fluid filters

7, line

8. Flow regulator

9, clamp

10. Injection parts

11, taper joint

12. Infusion paste

13. Intravenous infusion

Then there is the composition of disposable Needles, and the disposable Needles are divided into two types of infusion devices, the common type and the precision type. So this is mainly because the pore diameter of the liquid filter is different, so the normal size of the normal liquid drug filter is 15 mu m, and of course the precision of the precision is more subtle, including 5 mu m, 1.2 mu m and so on.

The performance characteristics of disposable Needles are as follows:

1. Firstly, it is used at one time without causing pollution

2. Gravity infusion

Front has the relevant part of the disposable use precision infusion had some understanding, and then know it's related part is mainly composed of 10 parts, then after knowing these will have more information on other aspects of it need to understand, then main today and everyone together to learn about the application of the disposable use precision infusion drugs and patients.

About disposable needle front has analyzed some information about it, including its related components, and to the applicable drugs and patients, then, of course, in addition to the several aspects of information, it also has some other information.

Today, I will mainly analyze the relevant details of the disposable Needles, mainly including the following:

1. The first disposable needle use is a double - layer structure, and its avoiding light is mainly reflected in the light - avoiding solvent in its inner layer

2. Disposable needle has a stable avoidance performance

3. Accurate measurement of disposable Needles is mainly reflected in its instruments and equipment

4. The protection of sterile protective cover will be used in the use of disposable Needles

5. There are also many kinds of disposable Needles, which can be used selectively

Of course, there are more details about disposable Needles, so we'll continue to analyze them later.

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