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Aesthetic Needles And The Proportion Of Drug Consumption Abnormalities
Dr.c | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Aesthetic Needles and the proportion of drug consumption abnormalities
Aesthetic Needles is China's fastest growing industry in recent years, China has become the United States and Japan after the world's third largest Aesthetic Needles market. However, very different from abroad, China's pharmaceutical sales are far greater than the Aesthetic Needles.
According to the Blue Book (the "Blue Book") published by the Pharmaceutical Materials Association in China, the sales volume of Chinese Aesthetic Needles market increased from 17.9 billion yuan to 170 billion yuan from 2001 to 2012, excluding price factors The impact of 12 years increased by nearly 9.4 times.
However, China's Aesthetic Needles and the proportion of drug consumption serious deformity.
It is understood that aesthetics and drugs are two important means of medical care in the global market, the proportion of equipment and drugs consumption is about 1: 1, while China's aesthetic acupuncture consumption accounts for only about 14% of drugs. Dongguan Securities in the report pointed out that, in addition to China's Aesthetic Needles industry started late, which is long-term "medicine to support medical" abnormal industry rules.
However, a public offering of pharmaceutical industry researchers to the "Daily Economic News" reporter said that the use of a smaller proportion of aesthetics, indicating that the industry there is a huge prospect and space, far from the ceiling.
China's Aesthetic Needles market active, national policy-oriented and domestic medical and health institutions, equipment replacement needs, so that China has become a huge Aesthetic Needles consumer market. In the context of stimulating market demand and the sustained and stable development of China's economy, the development of Aesthetic Needles industry is becoming more and more important in the whole medical industry, and it follows the development path of "heavy equipment and light medicine" in developed countries.
As the aesthetic regulation department of the "Aesthetic Needles classification rules" in the degree of awareness and grasp the scale is different, resulting in aesthetics of new product registration category in practice there are many problems. Mainly in the following areas:
1. Aesthetic Needles and Aesthetic Needles identified confusion. The same product in a place was identified as a beautiful needle, in another place was identified as Aesthetic Needles;
2. Management category is not uniform. The same Aesthetic Needles products in one place was identified as the first class of beauty needle, in another place was identified as the second category of Aesthetic Needles;
3. Class code is inconsistent. The same product, in one place, is identified as this type of code, and in another is identified as another class code.
The existence of the above problems, undermine the Aesthetic Needles product registration seriousness, but also to the Aesthetic Needles market regulation to bring many difficulties.
With the development of science and technology, more and more areas need to be precise control of the flow or velocity of the fluid. For example, the detection and analysis of trace chemical elements in the chemical industry often require precise control of the flow. The flow and flow rate of the liquid in the field of health care is sometimes precisely controlled. Aesthetic Needles intravenous infusion is one of the most commonly used clinical treatment, nursing professional is a commonly used drug treatment technology. Clinically, according to the different conditions of drugs and patients with appropriate infusion rate. Infusion is too fast, may lead to poisoning, more serious will lead to edema and heart failure; infusion is too slow may occur in the dose is not enough or unnecessary to extend the infusion time, so that treatment is affected and to patients and nursing work to increase unnecessary burden The Conventional clinical infusion, commonly used hanging bottle infusion, and eye observation, relying on manual clip to control the drug drop speed, easy to control the infusion speed, and the workload. Cancer patients with chemotherapy and critically ill patients need to keep the drug at a constant rate of perfusion, by adjusting the input speed and time to chemotherapeutic drugs evenly and continuously into the infusion, both to achieve the best results of chemotherapy, but also to minimize the chemotherapy drugs Side effects.

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