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Aesthetic Needles Clogged, How To Do?
Dr.c | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Aesthetic Needles clogged, how to do?
You can use the organic solvent to clean the inner wall of the injection Aesthetic Needles.When cleaning, please pay attention to check whether the injection needle can move smoothly. If the needle is not moving smoothly, It is recommended to use a soft cloth dipped in an organic solvent to clean it.

    Repeated use of organic solvent aspirations. If the resistance of the injection needle to the injection needle is increased after several aspirations, there is still some small dirt present, and the cleaning process is repeated after this occurs.

    If the injection of a beautiful needle putter can be smooth and smooth movement, check the Aesthetic Needles is blocked. Repeat the rinse of the aesthetics needle with an organic solvent and check the appearance of the sample by which the sample was introduced.

    If the sample is normal, the sample will flow out in a straight line. If the aesthetics needle is clogged, the sample will be ejected in a fine or mist from one direction or at an angle, even if the solvent flows out in a straight line The outflow situation is better than the normal situation (and a new non-clogged injection of aesthetics compared to the situation can be out).
 The obstruction in the aesthetics of the needle will destroy the reproducibility of the analysis; for this reason the maintenance of aesthetical needles is necessary. Remove the clogs in the aesthetics needle with something like a wire, and use a Aesthetic Needles only if the sample is out of the normal flow. The use of a liquid suction device or a syringe cleaner can also effectively remove contaminants from the Aesthetic Needles.

    Aesthetic Needles is mainly used in gas chromatography, liquid chromatography equipment injection process, these large-scale chromatography analysis equipment has been widely used in all aspects of modern society. From the days of the space shuttle, to the water travel aircraft carriers, are using gas chromatography to monitor the quality of the gas in the cabin; from daily life in the food and cosmetics, to a variety of chemical production process control and product quality inspection, from the judicial test In the identification of the material to the geological exploration of oil and gas fields to find, from the disease diagnosis, medical analysis, to the archaeological excavation, environmental protection, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography technology is widely used. For each chromatographic analyzer, Aesthetic Needles is essential for the injection device, each chromatogram should be configured with different models ranging from the number of Aesthetic Needles.

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