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Aesthetic Needles Design Elements
Dr.c | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Aesthetic Needles Design Elements
Aesthetic Needles Mold design and manufacturing are closely related to plastic processing. The success or failure of plastic processing, largely depends on the mold design and mold manufacturing quality, and plastic mold design and the correct plastic products based on the design. In the case of
Aesthetic Needles Plastic mold design to consider the structural elements are:
① parting surface, that is, Aesthetic Needles closed when the die and punch with the contact surface. Its shape and form of choice, the shape and appearance of the product, wall thickness, molding methods, post-processing technology, mold type and structure, stripping method and molding machine structure and other factors. In the case of
② pouring system, that is, from the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity between the feed channel, including the main channel, shunt, gate and cold material points. In particular, the gate position should be selected to facilitate the molten plastic in a good flow state filled with cavity, attached to the product on the solid flow channel and the gate of the cold material in the mold is easy to eject from the mold and be removed (heat Except for road molds). In the case of
③ plastic shrinkage and affect the dimensional accuracy of the product of the various factors, such as Aesthetic Needles manufacturing and assembly errors, mold wear and so on. In addition, the design of compression molding and injection mold, should also consider the molding machine and structural parameters of the match. In the plastic mold design has been widely used computer-aided design technology.
Usually received a lot of customers say Aesthetic Needles damaged phone, today's steel front mold to help you analyze Aesthetic Needles What is the reason for the damage? Hope to be helpful to everyone:
Aesthetic Needles What is the reason for the damage?
(1) Aesthetic Needles products, if there are metal inserts, in the mold placed metal insert, due to the installation is not strong or skewed, after the mold caused by local damage to the cavity, resulting in indentation or pits.
(2) due to injection of high pressure flow, flow rate, pour or change the location of metal insert, resulting in mold damage.
(3) Aesthetic Needles of the type of joint surface long-term closed action, and occasionally impurity caught in the middle or long-term operation of the sliding part of the wear and tear, resulting in the template is not parallel to the mold, the mold joint surface after the tightness, There are molding products such as flashing, seriously affecting the quality of products. At this time, the mold should be checked and repaired.
Aesthetic Needles The design of the cooling system is often considered a minor problem. The size of the cooling system and structural design are not given enough attention. Cooling system design is unreasonable, for small plastic parts will produce internal stress, for the thin wall of large plastic parts will cause deformation, and even stress cracking. Moreover, insufficient cooling results in an extension of the molding cycle, thereby reducing the production efficiency. In the following, some complicated forms are used to study the complex cooling process of Aesthetic Needles, and a practical formula is derived, and the method of determining the size of the cooling system is discussed according to these formulas. Determining the size of the cooling system is undoubtedly a simple job, and generally speaking, Aesthetic Needles designers are still not familiar with some aspects. This work is very complex, and even in the technical literature, it is difficult to find a satisfactory answer to certain questions. Some of the heat conduction equations are known, and now can use computers and pocket programmable calculators to solve these equations. In spite of this, the problems encountered in practical problems often make it difficult to solve the problem.
For example, the cavity wall is periodically heated by the injected high temperature plastic melt. As a result, the temperature difference between Aesthetic Needles and cooling water increases, and the cooling effect becomes stronger. In the mold open, plastic parts after the top, the cavity by the surrounding air cooling. So the temperature of the cavity surface changes cyclically. The solution to the problem becomes more difficult because the injected high temperature plastic melt is only in contact with a part of the mold - the entire Aesthetic Needles is cooled by the cooling water of the cooling channel. In addition, the cooling water is heated when passing through the cooling channel of the mold, thereby changing the temperature difference between the mold and the cooling water.

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