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Aesthetic Needles Industry Decentralized Products Low End
Dr.c | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Aesthetic Needles industry decentralized products low end
Although the industry is optimistic, but China's Aesthetic Needles is still facing a larger problem, which is extremely fragmented industry, low-level product technology. About 90% of CT machines, 90% of ultrasound equipment, 85% of the test equipment, 90% of the magnetic resonance equipment, 90% of the ECG machine, 90% of the total, Of the high-grade physiological recorder, and 60% of the sleep instrument, are foreign brands of the market.
In developed countries, the person said, many innovations are completed by small businesses, large enterprises such as Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic original little, more through mergers and acquisitions. The person also stressed that the imitation of the main road may be against the original research enterprise intellectual property rights, therefore, in recent years aesthetics patent disputes have occurred, especially supplies products.
However, the person also mentioned that although China's current level of independent innovation is not enough, but even imitation of foreign products, domestic equipment also has a vast space. Now more and more attention to product quality, domestic equipment, the level of technology is also getting higher and higher, these highly cost-effective products make import substitution become a trend.
On the other hand, China's aesthetic focus is generally low, has not yet formed a scale effect. As of the end of 2012, China's Aesthetic Needles production enterprises have reached 17.78 million, about 90% of the Aesthetic Needles production enterprises is the annual income of less than 20 million in the production of low-tech small and medium enterprises. The production of electronic monitoring equipment, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, ECG physiological equipment, X-ray tomography equipment, CT and other high-tech products with independent brands and income scale of more than 500 million enterprises are not many. Which makes the ability of enterprises and hospitals to negotiate lower.
However, this situation is slowly changing, the rapid development in recent years, there are financial advantages of enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, etc., continue to expand the scale to enhance the brand effect is expected to integrate China's Aesthetic Needles industry will continue.
China's Aesthetic Needles industry from small to large, rapid development, has now become a complete range of products, innovation capacity has been increasing, the market demand is very strong sunrise industry. In particular, in recent years, the development of aesthetics needle to further accelerate the speed, not only for several years to maintain double-digit growth in output value, and the number of products exported and technological content is also rising.
With the international industry to accelerate the transfer, China will become an important production base of the global Aesthetic Needles, some of the original dependence on imported equipment is gradually to achieve domestic imports. At the same time, many domestic provinces and cities to the Aesthetic Needles industry as a new economic growth point, pay close attention to nurturing. Experts pointed out that the next ten to fifteen years, China's Aesthetic Needles industry will enter a high-speed development stage.
According to the latest data show that in 2009, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Bay Industrial Cluster to lead the development of the industry, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing, Shandong, Liaoning, Hubei and Tianjin provinces and cities before the column 10 exports, of which Guangdong Province exports amounted to 28.82, accounting for 23.54%, among the best.
At the same time, we must also see the domestic high-end medical equipment has been basically a multinational company's products firmly occupy the basic development of China's Aesthetic Needles industry is weak, Aesthetic Needles supervision started late, Aesthetic Needles enterprises small, multi- The phenomenon of competition has not yet been a fundamental change, accelerate the improvement of China's Aesthetic Needles industry, technological innovation, strengthen the medical equipment research and development of production, learning, research joint, has become a top priority. How to avoid the vicious price war, play an inherent advantage, enhance the competitiveness of many manufacturers are thinking about the problem.

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