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Aesthetic Needles Is A Sophisticated Medical Device
Dr.c | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Aesthetic Needles is a sophisticated medical device
   Aesthetic Needles is a sophisticated medical device, but it appears more and more in chemical experiment devices and exercises. It has an unexpected effect on the observation of some experimental phenomena or the improvement of the experimental process.
        The set pipetting volume can not exceed the pipetted calibration range of the pipette. The following is the Aesthetic Needles in the role of chemical experiments were summarized: filter medium nominal pore size of 5.0μm can be more than 5.0μm liquid particles in the filter. The precision filter infusion set is suitable for special patients who have higher requirements for infusion quality. The filtration rate of latex particles with nominal pore size (5 ± 1) μm was not 98%. Drug adsorption is extremely low. Clinical application effect is obvious: used in different drugs, with significant clinical results.
        Aesthetic Needles structure is nipple, empty tube, piston, piston shaft, piston handle (0-1) its specifications are 1,25,10,20,30,50,100 ml a total of 8 kinds. Needles from the tip, needle stems, acupuncture three parts.
Its commonly used models are 4.5, 5,5.5,6,6.5,7,89.
        A variety of Aesthetic Needles, needle specifications and use. Aesthetic Needles, needle specifications and use. Aesthetic Needles needle subcutaneous injection of 1ml 4.5 ~ 5 intramuscular injection. ① all specifications of products can be effective in preventing and reducing traditional Chinese medicine, antibiotics and other insoluble infusion of particles caused by adverse reactions. ② clinical application of comparative data see the national core journal "Nursing Journal". User-friendly, functional design, easy to operate.
    Do not use the needle during drug injection. Needle-free acupuncture needle using high-pressure jet principle, so that the liquid to form a thin liquid flow, and instantly penetrate the skin to reach the skin. Eliminating the user's fear of the needle, shortening the injection time; to avoid the injection scratches, breaking the harm to the human body. Has been widely used in China's clinical, especially insulin injection and skin care injection and beauty field. Japanese researchers have successfully developed a needleless, patient painless Aesthetic Needles, the beauty of the needle can be used to stimulate the tension of the drug or genetic gene into the patient's body accurately.

        Many people are afraid of injections because of fear and pain, but after many years the problem will be resolved. At present, scientists are developing a "micro needle", its diameter as fine hair, can significantly reduce or even eliminate the pain during injection. The future development of aesthetics needle manufacturers, must be toward a more effective, more secure, more humane direction.

        According to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, the world every year about 13 billion people to implement injection therapy. Aesthetic Needles experienced a glass Aesthetic Needles era, disposable sterile plastic Aesthetic Needles era. From the 90s of last century to the present, the traditional Aesthetic Needles gradually escalated, the emergence of safe self-destruction of aesthetics and other products, thereby reducing the needle injury and re-use caused by the risk of disease transmission. According to WHO's Safe Injection definition - "No harm to the injector, no risk to the injector, and no post-injection waste to the environment and the public", in order to improve the accuracy of the drug infusion, Efficacy and reduce pain, aesthetic research and development of the needle will pay more attention to safety injection and medical waste disposal concept.

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