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Aesthetic Needles Is Used For Precise Sampling And Dispensing Of Liquids
Dr.c | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

Aesthetic Needles is used for precise sampling and dispensing of liquids
     Aesthetic Needles is used for precise sampling and dispensing of liquids. Its design and operation are based on the principle of air displacement and use disposable nozzles. The pipettes were tested in accordance with ISO 8655 and were tested with distilled water (DIN / ISO 3696-3) and manufacturer's original nozzles at 22 ° C according to ISO 8655-6 / DIN12650 quality control requirements. Perform a gravity test. If conditions permit, try not to do a variety of samples of the needle in the same bottle of solvent to wash, completely cut off the root causes of cross-contamination.
        Depending on the nature of the solvent used in the pretreatment of the sample and the sample, the solvent is used to dissolve the sample and dissolve it with the solvent used to treat the sample. The reason is simple. If the solvent does not dissolve the sample, it can not be used for cleaning purposes. , If the solvent and the sample before the solvent and the solvent is not miscible, the same can not play the purpose of cleaning, there may be because the two substances are not miscible caused by needle clogging. We can directly use the sample pretreatment solvent as the washing solvent.
        Aesthetic Needles is a kind of precision in a certain range of capacity can be adjusted by the precision liquid device (commonly known as gun), the basic principle is to rely on the device inside and outside the piston movement, the movement of the piston is controlled by the wheel control screw structure to achieve Push the push rod to move the piston down to remove the gas from the piston chamber. After the release, the piston in the role of the return spring to restore the original position, thus completing a liquid absorption process.
Do not have to be washed into the box when not in use, do not casually play, back and forth empty pumping, especially in the case of dry and dry pull back, or will be serious wear and tear, damage its air tightness and reduce accuracy. The use of the following solutions in turn washed, 5% sodium hydroxide, aqueous solution, distilled water, acetone, chloroform, and finally dry, when the use of high-boiling substances in the sample, Do not use strong alkaline solution washing.
        For 10-100 micrometer of a beautiful needle, if the tip of the blockage, it is appropriate to use a diameter of 0.1mm thin wire patience through, can not use the fire method to prevent the tip of the annealing and loss of penetration.
        A good needle liquid sample should be washed with a small number of samples several times or the needle into the sample repeated pumping several times, and to slightly more than the required amount. If there is air bubbles, the needle will be up, the bubbles and excess of the sample will be discharged, and the sample of the needle will be sucked with cotton fiber paper. Be careful not to drain the sample within the needle.
        If you accidentally pull all the Aesthetic Needles core, should be carefully assembled according to its structure.
        Take the gas sample should also be fine Aesthetic Needles, the sample should be inserted into a beautiful pressure of the sample gas container so that the Aesthetic Needles core slowly automatically ejected until the required volume to ensure that the sampling is correct.
        Sampling should be immediately after injection, injection, the Aesthetic Needles should be perpendicular with the inlet, inserted in the end after the rapid injection of the sample, immediately after the completion of pulling a beautiful needle, the whole action should be stable, coherent, rapid. The position of the tip in the injector, the speed of insertion, the time of stay, and the speed of extraction are repeated.
  Before high temperature sterilization, make sure that the acupuncture needle is adapted to high temperatures.
Calibration can be done in a 20-25 degree environment by repeating several times of weighing the distilled water.
When used to check whether there is leakage phenomenon. Method to absorb the liquid after hanging vertically placed a few seconds to see if the liquid surface is down. If the leakage, the reasons for roughly the following aspects:
1, aesthetics needles match;
2, spring piston is normal;
3, if the volatile liquid (many organic solvents are so), it may be saturated vapor pressure problem. You can first suck a few times the liquid, and then pipetting.

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