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Analysis Of One - Time Needles Overseas Market
Dr.c | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Analysis of one - time Needles overseas market
Disposable Needles made of polymer polypropylene material, the structure of the core rod, piston, jacket three and injection Needles composition. Needles Needles is sterilized by ethylene oxide, sterile, no heat source, is the most commonly used medical equipment, as the world's largest medical device market, China's demand for disposable piston Needles is very large.
    Shang Pu consulting pharmaceutical industry analysts pointed out: one-time Needles with the new technology to create sophisticated and new materials applications portable, more and more widely used in contemporary medical practice, become the most widely used medical institutions, one of the market Unlimited potential. China has also become a one-time Needles production and export power, and has maintained a rapid growth trend.
With the improvement of domestic production capacity, China gradually increase in the overseas market expansion. In the international market, China's exports of products for the low-tech traditional Needles, which for the development of the industry, will have a clear limit. China's disposable Needles gap is mainly reflected in the sterile. Compared to foreign countries, China is mainly used for ethylene oxide sterilization of the whole plastic packaging sterilization effectiveness of the problem, for sterile medical equipment packaging single-layer film and the EU standard en868-5 requirements inconsistent; in addition to civilian In addition, the packaging has a sterile open function is very important, especially in the United States, aseptic opening function is very important.
The disposable Needles will become a one-time medical device product that is growing rapidly in the international medical device market. In the context of rising global demand for acupuncture, is committed to the development of such products is conducive to China's one-time Needles to explore the export market space, China's one-time Needles in the international market has a huge price advantage. Domestic related enterprises should actively promote the quality to win, you can consider the development of a huge potential new Needles, of which self-destructive Needles, safety Needles, pre-filling Needles, Needles-free Needles may become the future development direction of Chinese enterprises.
Shang Pu consulting released "2014-2017 Chinese Needles market analysis and investment trends research report" shows: China's one-time need to break the Needles in large quantities, low return of the existing pattern, the way out is to increase investment, the development of domestic and foreign markets The need for high-end disposable Needles, independent research and development of new products has become China's one-time Needles product development of the top priority.
 Needles is currently the world's largest sales of medical equipment products. According to a conservative estimate, only a one-time Needles in the world the total number of the total consumption of tens of billions of dollars.
China is a one-time export Needles, but because the vast majority of export products are low-end products, not only the technology and quality can not compete with high-end products, making exports often run into a wall, also nearly two years of frequent anti-dumping. How to improve the industry standards, thereby enhancing the international competitiveness, it becomes an imminent problem.
Just this year, the Needles industry will usher in an opportunity to upgrade the industry.
March 5, China Pharmaceutical (16.24, -0.46, -2.75%) Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce held a "one-time Needles export quality control guide" project acceptance, from the industry more than 10 experts will be common The project evaluation and acceptance. The guide will be officially released at this year's Canton Fair. In addition, this year, the pharmaceutical industry industrial damage early warning project will be fully launched, the Needles ranked the industry 32 kinds of key monitoring of foreign trade goods. In the consolidation of the traditional Needles export status at the same time, the emerging safety of the Needles to the vigorous development of domestic enterprises to bring inspiration and business opportunities.
Disposable Needles exports rose rapidly
According to the GTA data, China is the largest source of US Needles imports, accounting for 15.06% of the market; in the EU import market, China's products accounted for 4.45%, ranked fifth, there are still Larger upside. However, the deepening of the financial crisis, triggering the warming of trade protectionism, the past two years, China's joint encounter from Russia, Ukraine, Brazil and Argentina anti-dumping investigations.
According to global trade statistics, in 2008, the global trade volume of $ 6.9 billion, an increase of 12.12%, China's trade volume of 310 million US dollars, ranking fifth, an increase of 40.08%, more than the global trade growth rate. From nearly three years of trade data, China's one-time Needles trade volume growth of more than 30%. It is clear that the demand of the global Needles has been very strong on the one hand, which has led to the expansion of China's Needles industry. On the other hand, the export-oriented development model and the development speed of China's Needles industry have brought the anti-dumping Hidden danger.

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