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Beauty Industry Should Return As Soon As Medical Standards
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

According to Association statistics show that, in recent years, plastic surgery has become a hot consumer complaints in the field. In fact, beauty industry turmoil far beyond "cosmetic disfigurement." Some non-medical beauty institutions provides medical beauty service; beauty businesses false exaggerated advertising publicity, cheat consumers; actual beauty effect far below businesses commitment and consumers expected; for beauty products exists flaws or not right using caused beauty effect poor; charges not transparent, costs virtual high; beautician quality level not high, caused service quality poor; caused skin allergy, and disability, body hurt; step step induced, forced marketing products; to do card offers, way induces consumers advance paid, Hou volume money and escape. Evil beauty businesses against consumer rights are innumerable.

Beauty is a heavy knife, ranging from syringes should be carefully and strictly placed under supervision. However, over the years, chaos clustered in gaps in regulation. Many people attributed the absence of laws and regulations. In fact, the original back in 2002 the Ministry of health on the implementation of the management measures of medical beauty services, related requirements and are not put in place.

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