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Blunt Needles Are The Most Commonly Used Tool For Female Red
Dr.c | Updated: May 18, 2017

Blunt needle is the most commonly used in the red of a tool, whether it is the ancient Guangdong embroidery, embroidery, embroidery embroidery, embroidered embroidery, or today's popular cross stitch, blunt needles are essential tools

  Blunt-tipped Needle According to the tip of the process can be divided into round needle and pointed needle, round needle for silk, yarn and other fine holes in the fabric to avoid the needle through the fabric fiber, resulting in fabric spinning. Other fabrics can be used with ordinary pointed needle.

  Blunt-tipped Needle According to the shape can be divided into wool needle, the Soviet Union needle, the European needle, blunt needle four categories.

  Wool needle the smallest, for embroidery portrait of the surface with;

  Su needle followed, sharp front, nose blunt, not easy to hurt hands;

  European needle, thick and nose end benefits, easy to hurt hands.

  Blunt needle needle blunt, nose thick and long.

  Blunt needles in addition to the tip to be slim and easy to use, but also to ensure that the nose and nose is not bite line, usually rectangular and rounded needle nose injury line, oval needle nose is not easy to hurt line.

  Blunt-tipped Needle Blunt needles if not long, should be soaked in mechanical oil, or oil paper wrapped, can also be buried in the lime powder to ensure that the isolation of space and moisture to prevent the reaction. Usually with the needle, can often dawdle on the hair, so that the first oil adsorption on the rust needle to achieve the purpose of rust

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