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Blunt-tipped Needle Hygiene Standards
Dr.c | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Blunt-tipped Needle hygiene standards
    Blant-tipped Needle's hygiene standards have been a very serious issue, with regard to health standards to share with you:
    All glass Blunt-tipped Needle has not been eliminated. From the health point of view, as long as the high temperature and pressure disinfection and the correct way to store is fully able to meet the requirements of health and safety, but the Ministry of Health in February 23, 1987 has issued a document on the promotion of the use of disposable plastic Blunt- tipped Needle, infusion, blood transfusion, needle notification ".  A lot of manpower and material resources to do disinfection. Storage. Collection. Distribution. Work as a one-time Blunt-tipped Needle easy to use. So the vast majority of hospitals have not used this traditional Blunt-tipped Needle. From the environmental point of view. Blunt-tipped Needle better.
    Complications such as anastomotic leakage, anastomotic bleeding, and anastomotic stenosis are associated with complications associated with the use of kisses in gastrointestinal neoplasms. But the above complications are not just the application of Blunt-tipped Needle problem, manual anastomosis can also occur the above complications. The use of the joints is significantly reduced in the incidence of complications. Use the Blunt-tipped Needle at once to take care to prevent some late complications.
    Anastomotic leakage: Anastomotic leakage is the application of kiss (seam) after a serious complication of surgery, in the event of serious consequences. With the Blunt-tipped Needle, especially the application of double Blunt-tipped Needle technology its incidence has decreased significantly.
    Blunt-tipped Needle Anastomotic stenosis occurs less than traditional manual anastomosis.
    3. Anastomotic bleeding: Blunt-tipped Needle staples are double staggered design, application of Blunt-tipped Needle after anastomotic bleeding has been relatively rare, but still can be encountered in clinical.
    Disposable use of the Blunt-tipped Needle also need to pay attention to the use of the relevant precautions to prevent some complications after surgery, affecting the cure of the disease.
  With the development of medical technology, all-glass Blunt-tipped Needle also came into being, this Blunt-tipped Needle without needles, but with a high-speed high-pressure injector drugs through the skin into the body. This way can drastically reduce the number of doctors and nurses using the needle when Blunt-tipped Needle is accidentally tied to their own accident. Blunt-tipped Needle, or Blunt-tipped Needle, can be used to inject insulin, both of which have the advantages of simple operation, accurate measurement, needle tip and so on, to facilitate the independent operation of diabetic patients and reduce the pain of patients sense. It was also argued that surgeons in Iraq and Egypt had developed a similar Blunt-tipped Needle for the removal of cataracts in the eyes of patients with a hollow glass tube in the 9th century AD, which was still used at least in 1230 , In the 20th century this method has been improved.
   Whether it is a special Blunt-tipped Needle or insulin pen needle, are disposable supplies, which means that after the injection should be replaced needle. Repeated use of the needle will make the needle blunt, increase the pain, and may even cause skin infections.
 About Blunt-tipped Needle's contribution in the medical industry We are all interested in what we are interested in today's discussion:
    Blunt-tipped Needle medical device industry to further accelerate the pace of development, not only for many years to maintain double-digit growth in output value, and the number of product exports and technological content is also rising. With the international industry to accelerate the transfer, China will become an important global medical equipment production base, some of the original dependence on imported equipment is gradually to achieve domestic imports.
China has a lot of provinces and cities to the medical device industry as a new economic growth point, pay close attention to nurturing. Experts pointed out that the next ten to fifteen years, China's medical device industry will enter a high-speed development stage. Medical equipment industry is a multi-disciplinary cross, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industry, is the world's fastest growing trade and one of the most active industries. China's medical device industry since the 20th century, the total output value has maintained rapid growth, the average growth rate has been maintained at 12% -15% level. According to the medical device industry, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" is expected, 2014 China's medical device industry output value will reach 100 billion yuan.

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