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Counting Those Dubious Micro Plastic Selected Hospitals To Four
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

Red face from passers-by to the grid "and" a shot of beauty "," beat his ex-girlfriend you only need 3 hyaluronic acid "," seamless with the eyes closed, eyes of God "... ... Your circle of friends is not often see such micro-plastic surgery ads. However, according to the reporter, micro-plastic disfiguring frequent event, 90% illegal, non-medical, non-medical institutions from qualifying products. Experts caution that micro plastic caution, if no qualified agency, could have serious consequences, don't let micro plastic into "dangerous plastic surgery."

Health authority, remind our beauty, "micro-plastic" must look on the following aspects:

★ See qualification "micro-plastic surgery" should be made to the medical license to practice cosmetology institutions within, and medical subjects approved by the administrative departments of public health needs;

★ II medical beauty services to the attending physician. Medical cosmetic item must be determined by the attending physician responsible for or under the direction of the implementation;

★ Three beauty products used in medical institutions of medical material must be approved by the relevant authorities;

★ Four sterilization sterilization of medical institutions to be equipped with corresponding to its size equipment, and disinfection in accordance with the technical specifications required to carry out disinfection work.

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