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Disposable Blunt-tipped Needle Overseas Market Analysis
Dr.c | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Disposable Blunt-tipped Needle Overseas Market Analysis
Disposable Blunt-tipped Needle made of polymer polypropylene material, the structure of the core rod, piston, jacket three and injection needle composition. Blunt-tipped Needle is the world's largest Blunt-tipped Needle market, the United States on the disposable piston Blunt-tipped Needle The demand is very great.
"The disposable Blunt-tipped Needle, with the sophistication of new technology and the use of new materials, is becoming more and more widely used in contemporary medical practice, making it the most widely used medical device for medical institutions," said Phillips Consulting Industry analyst. First, the market potential is endless. China has also become a one-time Blunt-tipped Needle production and export power, and has maintained a rapid growth trend.
With the improvement of domestic production capacity, China gradually increase in the overseas market expansion. In the international market, China's exports of products for the low-tech traditional Blunt-tipped Needle, which for the development of the industry, will have a clear limit. China's disposable Blunt-tipped Needle gap is mainly reflected in the sterile. Compared to abroad, China is mainly used for ethylene oxide sterilization of the whole plastic packaging sterilization effectiveness of the problem, for sterile Blunt-tipped Needle packaging single-layer film and the EU standard en868-5 requirements inconsistent; In addition to civilian, the packaging has a function of aseptic opening is very important, especially in the United States, aseptic opening function is very important.
The disposable Blunt-tipped Needle will be a fast one-time Blunt-tipped Needle product on the international Blunt-tipped Needle market. In the context of the rising demand for Blunt-tipped Needle in the world, the development of such products is conducive to China's one-time Blunt-tipped Needle to open up the export market space, China's one-time Blunt-tipped Needle in the international market has a huge price Advantage. Blunt-tipped Needle, Blunt-tipped Needle, Blunt-tipped Needle, Blunt-tipped Needle, Blunt-tipped Needle, Blunt-tipped Needle, Blunt-tipped Needle, Blunt-tipped Needle, Blunt-tipped Needle, Blunt-tipped Needle is likely to be the future direction of Chinese companies.
China's Blunt-tipped Needle Market Survey and Investment Trends for 2014-2017 show: China's one-time Blunt-tipped Needle is the biggest way to break the existing pattern of high volume and low returns. Investment, the development of domestic and foreign markets in urgent need of high-end disposable Blunt-tipped Needle, independent research and development of new products has become China's one-time Blunt-tipped Needle product development priorities.
Blunt-tipped Needle is often used in conjunction with a hypodermic needle for injecting or removing liquid or gas into the body tissue. They can also be used in medical devices, containers, such as some of the scientific instruments in the chromatography through the rubber diaphragm injection. The injection of gas into the blood vessels will cause air embolism. Remove the air from the Blunt-tipped Needle to avoid the embolization by pushing the Blunt-tipped Needle upside down, tapping it, and then squeezing a little liquid before injecting it into the bloodstream.
The use unit should purchase Blunt-tipped Needle from a well-qualified Blunt-tipped Needle production company. Shall not be purchased and used in accordance with the law to register or record, no qualified documents and expired, expired, out of the Blunt-tipped Needle. Should be in accordance with the "Blunt-tipped Needle use of quality management practices," the requirements of the establishment of quality management system and effective operation, bear the use of links Blunt-tipped Needle quality management responsibilities. The use unit may enter into a contract with a Blunt-tipped Needle manufacturer or a third party Blunt-tipped Needle service service with the necessary conditions and capabilities to undertake the day-to-day maintenance with Blunt-tipped Needle. Blunt-tipped Needle manufacturing or third-party Blunt-tipped Needle service service is based on the contract and is responsible for the quality of the equipment used in the use of Blunt-tipped Needle to ensure routine maintenance and use of Blunt-tipped Needle safety indicators and performance Compliant with registered or filed product technical requirements. The use of units should be gradually through the information technology and means to carry out the use of links Blunt-tipped Needle quality management.

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