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Evolutionary History Of Syringe
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

People in childhood and if first contact shot will be the sharp cry of pain when the needle into the skin, therefore, they are also the least popular "Welcome" tools of modern medicine. However, if there is no appearance of syringes, no intravenous fluids, many people will die. Don't underestimate this little syringe, in fact it also has a long history.

By the front end of the syringe with a small bore needle and matching piston core rod. Syringes used to inject small amounts of liquid to otherwise inaccessible areas or drawn from those places. Core pin pulled out when liquids or gases from the cylinder front hole suction, in liquids or gas extruded core Rod pushed in. Using a syringe and needle extraction or injection of gas or liquid the process called injection.

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