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Get Beauty Shot 3 Necessary Conditions
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

"Lunch beauty" of the micro-plastic surgery because of the risk of small, quick recovery, and many people of all ages. Some people take a long vacation back, faces have changed.

For use in micro plastic injection items most widely used wrinkle injection of botulinum toxin type a, for example, many salons are claimed to provide regular products, Luo Yu pointed out that injection of botulinum toxin type a is a prescription drug, only medical and health institutions can purchase from licit channels. In beauty salons and SPA establishments for vaccination of consumer access is definitely not authentic botulinum toxin. Currently approved by the food and drug administration in China-listed injection with botulinum toxin products that only United States imports of "Botox" and made "value for money" two brands, the beauty of the Lady must pay attention to identifying, don't fall for it.

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