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High-end Blunt-tipped Needle To Create China
Dr.c | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

High-end Blunt-tipped Needle to create China
At present, although China is the world Blunt-tipped Needle industry power, but placed in front of a reality is that in high-end product development and market development, compared with foreign developed countries there is a big gap, high-end Blunt-tipped Needle products are almost Foreign-owned enterprises monopoly. In the high-end products in the field of weak competition is restricting the development of China's Blunt-tipped Needle industry bottleneck. Has been how to break through the bottleneck to achieve high-end Blunt-tipped Needle products, "Made in China", is a large number of domestic enterprises bluntly pursued the dream, but also the development of Blunt-tipped Needle industry, the key and key.
It is gratifying that, with the strong support of the national policy, in the industry's efforts, high-end medical equipment dream "China to create" is gradually realized. In the "23rd China International Medical Equipment Exhibition and Technology Exchange", we see the ultra-high-speed PET-CT, superconducting magnetic resonance and many other monopoly has been foreign high-end Blunt-tipped Needle products. Moreover, in these high-end Blunt-tipped Needle products, some products of science and technology content not only reached the world's highest level of similar equipment, or even the first.
Undeniably, because of the late development of China's high-end Blunt-tipped Needle industry, is still in a difficult "entrepreneurial" stage. However, from the development of China's blunt head thriving scene, we see the high-end Blunt-tipped Needle products dream "China to create" the pace is striding forward. Can be expected, with the continuous development of China's Blunt-tipped Needle market, there will be more with independent intellectual property rights of high-end products, will continue to enhance the competitiveness of China's Blunt-tipped Needle products. I believe that in the near future, China will truly realize the Blunt-tipped Needle industry power to the Blunt-tipped Needle industry power leap forward, so that more domestic high-end Blunt-tipped Needle for the benefit of the Chinese people and even to the world, so branded "Made in China" Of the high-end Blunt-tipped Needle for the contribution of all human health.
    It is reported that, in order to strengthen the use of Blunt-tipped Needle quality supervision, according to the "Blunt-tipped Needle supervision and management regulations", the State Administration of State drafted the "Blunt-tipped Needle use quality supervision and management approach", the use of units should be based on product classification, On the Blunt-tipped Needle classification management, the establishment of a sound quality management system, the implementation of the third category of Blunt-tipped Needle strict management.
    According to the "draft", the use of units should be established Blunt-tipped Needle archives management system, including Blunt-tipped Needle procurement management system, purchase inspection record system, out of storage management system, routine maintenance record system, quality traceability system, Scarce management system and contract, product technical document management system.
    The use of units should be from the legitimate qualifications of the Blunt-tipped Needle production and operation enterprises to buy Blunt-tipped Needle. Shall not be purchased and used in accordance with the law to register or record, no qualified documents and expired, expired, out of the Blunt-tipped Needle. Should be in accordance with the "Blunt-tipped Needle use quality management practices," the requirements of the establishment of quality management system and effective operation, bear the use of Blunt-tipped Needle head quality management responsibilities. The use of units with Blunt-tipped Needle manufacturers or with the necessary conditions and the ability of third-party Blunt-tipped Needle repair service agencies signed a contract to bear the use of Blunt-tipped Needle routine maintenance and other work. Blunt-tipped Needle manufacturing enterprises or third-party Blunt-tipped Needle repair service agencies based on the contract, the use of units in the use of Blunt-tipped Needle daily maintenance of the product quality is responsible for the protection of routine maintenance after the use of Blunt-tipped Needle safety indicators and performance indicators in line with the registered or Recorded product technical requirements. The use of units should be gradually through the information technology and means to carry out the use of Blunt-tipped Needle quality management.
      Clear legal responsibility
    The draft also clarifies the legal liability for breach of the Ordinance. And the requirements of all levels of food and drug supervision and management departments should establish Blunt-tipped Needle using the unit quality and safety credit rating classification management system, the Blunt-tipped Needle to use units to violate the quality and safety of credit to be recorded, and serious violations of law and regulations to be published. Encourage the community to report complaints against illegal acts, to ensure the use of links of the Blunt-tipped Needle safe and effective.
    In addition, since March 15, 2014 to carry out the Blunt-tipped Needle "five remediation" special action is progressing rapidly, has achieved remarkable results. As of April 30, the country signed a total of 1943 authenticity of the application for registration, supervision and inspection of production enterprises 3167, 41658 enterprises, the use of units 37,431, warning, ordered to rectify 8981, ordered to suspend business 163, revocation of documents 206 Zhang, fined 572.57 million yuan, transferred to the public security organs of illegal cases 27, the transfer of relevant departments illegal advertising 2193, 22 illegal websites, investigate and deal with "black dens" 45.

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