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How To Prevent The Reuse Of Aesthetic Needles In Disposable
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

How to prevent the reuse of Aesthetic Needles in disposable

One of the more shocking news that came out of the news was that a lot of disposable cups were made using medical waste recycling and recycling. Most of the medical waste here is disposable aesthetic needle, disposable use of infusion tube, disposable aesthetic needle and so on.

Since the rules is a one-time, so there are good reasons why is necessarily, one-time use aesthetic needle after use will have drug residues, these are likely to have a certain hidden trouble, so the rule is the disposable needles are centrally recycling use aesthetics. Here the news is the cleaning staff to secretly to hospital the medical waste to the junkyard, although know these are belong to the medical waste recycling, but because of the interests of the trend, still make a lot of recycle bin boss adventure.

So how to prevent this phenomenon from happening. Here to hospitals and other units can use measurement to control the recycling system, designated persons responsible for fixed-point recycling, use "one to one" does not have the disposable medical supplies after counting the exchange, to minimize the personnel and the use of disposable medical supplies after too much contact, we will commonly used to measure, aesthetic aesthetic needle, with the unit of measurement and the hospital is multiplied by the annual purchase quantity, the total number and recycling comparison, from the total amount of disposable medical supplies below reduced from 15% ~ 20%, the reason lies in the disposable medical supplies part of recycling with residual liquid, so the weight may exceed the hospital carried out. This avoids the use of medical waste such as Aesthetic Needles at once.

Disposable Aesthetic Needles are not disposable after use. General hospitals have certain rules for the use of Aesthetic Needles. Specific systems generally contain the following contents.

1. The inoculation unit should be responsible for the sterilization and destruction of disposable Aesthetic Needles.

2. Set up a one-time aesthetic needle to transfer or purchase, use and destroy records, records should be completed and the accounts match.

3. Preventive inoculation should be used with a disposable aesthetic needle.

The use of a disposable aesthetic needle to prevent vaccination must be strictly carried out "one person, one needle and one tube of destruction" system.

5, the vaccination units at the grass-roots level of the staff in the use of disposable needles, aesthetics should check Aesthetic Needles packing are in good condition and in the period of validity, the packaging has been damaged or has been over the period of validity of the product may be used.

After 6, complete immunization, should use disposable needle into the aesthetics of puncture-proof made of solid material broken safety collection container (safety box), and to deal with before the next vaccination at the same time. The use of disposable Aesthetic Needles is strictly prohibited.

7, after use, one-time aesthetic destroyed destroyed form machine needle is available, or use manual destroyed after separation of needles and syringes, needles can be used directly in a puncture-proof container or bend over 90 degrees of tongs, needle aesthetics with forceps broken nipple, 1000 mg/L with the chlorine-antiseptic disinfectant soaking more than 60 minutes.

Finally, the unified treatment of destruction, incineration or landfill disposal is used to guarantee the disposable use of Aesthetic Needles.

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