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How To Use Blunt-tipped Needle?
Dr.c | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

How to use Blunt-tipped Needle?
 Medical personnel are mainly: medical device sales, medical equipment maintenance, medical device registration, medical device design, structural engineers, hardware and medical electronic engineers and polymer personnel, etc. The following micro-injector in the chemical experiment The role of induction:

        Connect the device (half the volume of air in the blunt needle), open the spring clip, inject the water into the long neck funnel, make the lower nozzle must be liquid seal, slowly push the blunt needle, the long neck funnel The formation of a water column, after a while after the water column does not decline. And then slowly pull out the piston, the liquid column down, the lower mouth of the bubble. Indicating that the device does not leak. As the blunt needle on the measurement unit, can be used as a comparison of experimental instruments. Is a distinction between hard water and soft water with soapy water.

        Use an equal volume of soap and water to add a volume of hard water and soft water beaker, stirring. Easy to operate, the phenomenon is obvious.

        Medical equipment in the professional talent gap in China is also more obvious, such as some high-end product design and development are basically foreign technology, and domestic market share in this area is a trace of one, leading to these reasons Mainly in this country, the lack of high-level talent in this area makes China and Europe and the United States there is a certain gap between the current country's medical equipment enterprises in China tens of thousands, as of the end of 2011, China's medical equipment industry scale enterprises have nearly 900, Large enterprises less than 2%, medium-sized enterprises 148, nearly 700 small businesses, and the scale of the following enterprises is countless.
Do you know how the blunt needle is invented? Why can it be so safe? This seemingly humble invention, in fact, has a long history.

        The technology is in the drug injection without the use of needles, liquid drugs to ultra-fine, high-speed, straight jet high-pressure jet way directly into the body tissue, thus solving the traditional injection due to the needle into the body and a series of problems. No needle injection In addition to the drug itself, no other foreign body into the body. Therefore, many authorities will be the application of needleless technology called "a revolution in medical injection technology." New blunt needle began to scale production, and gradually become the first choice for doctors. The actual situation is that the traditional needle injection will produce a larger drug droplets in the skin, resulting in subcutaneous scars. Foreign data show that 60% to 80% of the traditional long-term use of needle injection of patients will have subcutaneous induration and hyperplasia. "

        According to the nature of the solvent used in the sample of the Blunt-tipped Needle and the solvent used in the sample pretreatment, the corresponding solvent which can dissolve out the sample and dissolve the solvent used in the treatment of the sample is simple. If the solvent can not dissolve the sample, it can not be cleaned In addition, if the solvent and sample preparation of the solvent before the solvent is not miscible, the same can not play the purpose of cleaning, there may be because the two substances are not miscible caused by needle clogging. We can directly use the sample pretreatment solvent as the washing solvent. Sick to the hospital injection, water, for the modern people is not surprising.

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