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Import The Needles To Grasp The Doctor To Win The Market
Dr.c | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Import the Needles to grasp the doctor to win the market
Imported Needles in China occupy a large market share, especially high-end Needles almost monopoly market, and local products can only struggle in the low-end market, although some of the higher quality products have been exported abroad, but in the domestic recognition is still very low , The industry analysis, industry scale, low-end status has affected the image of the industry, leading to domestic institutions lack of confidence in local products, on the other hand is the lack of good local marketing means, did not win the doctor's identity, The reason why the occupation of imported products is because of these two aspects of the continuous force.
Foreign Needles enterprises than the start of a lot of enterprises in China, they are now more emphasis on product quality, energy spent on research and development and sales, so the product quality continues to improve, has long been out of the small, low-end situation, coupled with brand awareness, brand Concept has been deeply rooted, so many times the domestic medical institutions in the choice of products is not to see the price, but to see the brand. Foreign companies in the marketing investment is also very large, they pay more attention to the doctor's reputation effect, in the local products trying to export abroad at the same time, imported products are grasping the market by grasping the doctor.
Medical students are the future of the doctor, this group is the potential shares, to win the trust of medical students for the import Needles into the market to do the pre-pave the way, so these foreign high-end Needles manufacturers have long product penetration into the domestic campus, they pass Donated products, technical cooperation and other forms of products and teaching materials into one, so that students in-depth understanding of the product, from the psychological generation of trust, after becoming a doctor will gradually use these products have a sense of dependence, marketing Purpose in the process quietly realized.
In addition to the school field, medical institutions, interns are also foreign companies focus on the object, they will organize these special training, training in the process of promoting their products, and even some companies to develop products and supporting the diagnosis and treatment technology, And this technology must be used in conjunction with their products to complete the diagnosis and treatment process, in order to achieve sales purposes. Foreign companies in the marketing investment is quite large, can be said to put long-term fishing big fish, which rely on the doctor to grasp the market marketing means the effect is very good, and local products, although the quality has been gradually improved, but the lack of effective means of marketing, but also Should learn from foreign companies.
Although the people know little about the Needles, but in fact these products and our lives are closely related to life in the Needles can be seen everywhere, but many people do not realize that these little things are the Needles Bale. Relevant experts said that the Needles should pay attention to the correct operation, otherwise it is also easy to lead to security risks, in particular, these commonly used need to regulate the use of the Needles.
Band-Aid is one of the most commonly used Needles, this product is often used for trauma dressing, but many people do not know, in fact, many wounds can not use Band-Aid Relevant department staff said that Band-Aid is only a tool for emergency treatment of wounds, rather than omnipotent, wound large, deep and narrow wound, wound infection and animal scratches, etc. can not use Band-Aid, or easily lead to infection, there have been Media reports, a farmer was glass scratches, the use of bandaging bandage, and ultimately lead to wound infection tetanus, almost killed, so easy to hurt the wound, the public is the best simple treatment, the time to the hospital to do disinfection bandage treatment.

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