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Needle-free Injector For Diabetics Is Good News
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

Our country is the high incidence of diabetes, insulin is the primary means of treatment of diabetes, but the long-term injection can cause injection site in patients with subcutaneous induration, affecting absorption of insulin, leading to insulin dose increased, while the injection process also allows some patients pain. Reporters from here held in Chongqing China International Medical Equipment Fair learned from our own research and development of needle-free injector for its minimally invasive, drug absorption, brought the gospel for diabetics.

  Beijing Medical Technology Co., Ltd. developed fast Shure "fast Shure QS-M type needleless syringe," specially designed for the injection of insulin in diabetic patients, no syringe needle, syringe pressure generated by the high-pressure device, the liquid chemical from the front end of the syringe cartridge holes in the top of the launch, the formation of very fine liquid liquid column, instantly penetrate the skin to the skin. Reporters learned that this is currently the world's only achieved a dispensary multiple injections made civil needleless syringe, walk in the technology world.

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