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Needle-free Syringe Into Guizhou Market
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

xhibition on display at the "quick-Shure QS-M needle-free syringe" is currently the world's only a medicine taken several domestic civilian injection needle-free syringe, technology in the world, is also China's only needle-free syringe manufacturers for mass production.

Beijing, Guiyang Office Director Chen introduced Shure medical technologies, Ltd, the first needle-free syringe began in March in the Guiyang Medical College hospital with a needle-less injection without needles, by pressure device produces a high pressure syringe, liquid drug from the top of the front tube of the syringe a small hole in the launch, liquid very fine liquid cylinder formed, instantly penetrates the skin to skin. Drugs in the subcutaneous area of spread increases, participation increased number of capillary attraction, shorter effect may reduce the amount of medication to relieve the pain and financial burden. And needle repeatedly increased in patients with wounds, wound bacteria in patients with increased risk of infection. Doctors believe it can help improve treatment, the nurse thought process simple and convenient operation, and for patients, needle-free syringe of minimally invasive, almost no pain.

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