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Needles For The Quality Of Veterinary Equipment Quality And Safety Monitoring Objectives
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Needles for the quality of veterinary equipment quality and safety monitoring objectives
June 23, according to the Ministry of Agriculture website news, the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture issued on the organization to carry out the 2014 veterinary equipment quality and safety supervision and inspection work notice, notification requirements provinces and municipalities animal husbandry and veterinary administrative departments do a good job with the work, Ministry of Agriculture animal husbandry and veterinary equipment quality inspection center staff to the scene to carry out sampling, and do a good job registration and audit work.

The sampling area includes Liaoning Province, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, Gansu and other 10 provinces (cities) part of the veterinary Needles, injection Needles production enterprises or distribution, use units. Sampling varieties include 2ml veterinary continuous Needless, all specifications of veterinary metal Needless and veterinary injections and veterinary transport refrigerators.

(NY532-2002), "Veterinary Medicine Needles" (NY533-2002), "Veterinary Injection Needless" (NY529-2002) and "Veterinary Transport Refrigerators" (NY / T 1623-2008) ) Standards to implement.

This sampling is expected to be completed by the end of August 2014. Completed testing by the end of September 2014. October 20, 2014 before the test results and sampling work summary reported to the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary bureau.
       In order to avoid the use of the same Needles or Needles for multiple people to spread the deadly infectious disease, WHO issued a guide on the 23rd, it is recommended that national health projects with "smart" Needles.

The "smart" Needles includes a Needlesless Needles, a disposable self-destructing Needles, an auto-retractable Needles, etc., which have the effect of preventing the medical staff from accidentally stabbing by the Needles, according to Dr. Edward Kelly, Director of the Service Delivery and Security Division of WHO. Infected, and the Needles to prevent re-use of the Needles, to avoid the existing one-time Needles is not standardized for the operation is re-collected.

       According to WHO statistics, the world's annual enrollment of more than 16 billion people, unsafe injection led to a large number of diseases. Such as hepatitis B virus infection is about 1.7 million people, hepatitis C virus infection was 31.5 million people, and nearly 35 million people infected with HIV.

       WHO urges all countries to switch to new "smart" pins by 2020. And calls for the implementation of procurement, safe use and safe disposal of policies and standards for Needless that may be reused, including the control of injections to injecting drug users.
Every step in the blood collection affects the quality of the specimen, so it is an important measure to prevent laboratory errors, damage to the patient, or even death. Blood collection also poses a risk to health care workers.

Blood collection generally uses a larger hollow Needles to penetrate into the blood vessels to collect blood. The Needles may carry large amounts of blood, and in the event of an accidental acupuncture event, it may be more likely to spread the disease than other sharp objects. Acupuncture can cause transmission of blood-borne diseases, including hepatitis virus caused by the virus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, bacteria caused by syphilis and parasites caused by malaria and so on.

This guide summarizes the simplicity and importance of making blood safer. This guide is designed to improve the quality of blood collection, as well as the quality of blood safety for health care workers and patients, by promoting optimal blood collection.

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