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Needles The Word Is A Salty Character
Dr.c | Updated: May 18, 2017

 Needles The word is a salty character. In the salty word, salty word is a symbol and symbol. Salty characters are related to "sour, bitter" meaning. The original meaning of the needle is "a kind of piercing the body will produce acid astringent sense of metal medical equipment."

(From the gold, from the first use of the bamboo needle, writing "Pro", and later with a metal needle, writing "needle" (needle). Original meaning: sewing equipment)

With the original meaning〗 〖needle

Clothing for sewing clothes. Also called "lead"

Needle, so seam also. - "Said the text". Word also for the needle.

Turn the needle governance, enough to make ends meet. - "Zhuangzi human world"

If the needle, but one or two. - "Three Kingdoms Huaduo Biography"

Monthly look at the needle dark, cloud open see Chiming Ming. - Chen Shubao "Tanabata feast garden poetry"

Needle thread (needle line). Also for "needle thread", "needle"); needle off (pinhole); needle thread (needle and thread) (Needle tip); needle lice (needle ticks. Metaphor subtle things); needle tip does not fall (needle tip) Hand needle); needle clothing (possession of the needle with the band)

Medical appliances. Made of stone or metal

Needle stone hand in hand. - "Later Han Dynasty Wen Yuan Zhao Yi Chuan"

(Acupuncture and medicine); injection (acupuncture and pharmacy); acupuncture and medicine (acupuncture and medicine); acupuncture and medicine (acupuncture and medicine)

Needle-like thing. Such as: needle mong (needle tip. Metaphor subtle. Also for "needle mang"); needle water (rice germination after its buds exposed to the surface); needle column (dense, such as fine needle arrangement)

The pointer on the dial〗 〖hand. Such as: hour hand, minute hand, second hand; needle road (compass needle refers to the route)

Sewing clothes, weaving, the needle wear cloth〗 〖stitch. Such as: sewing in the socks on two needles; weaving a needle; wound stitched four needles


Due to life-threatening people and the needle female, the first two Qiu gift two Jun. - Tang Bai Juyi "drunk after the crazy gift paid Xiao Yin two law"

Needle (sewing, embroidery and other needle and thread work); needle (sewing, thorn line and the like needle and clockwork); needle girl (the god of clothing) (Needle sewing); needle (sewing); needle (sewing); needle (sewing); needle woman (common name textile weaving. That network latitude); needle must (wonderful sewing, embroidery craft); needle (sewing)

Stab〗 〖stab

Needle, thorn also. - "Guang Ya"

The needle of death. - "Things related to the mind"

(At the end of the Tang Dynasty rogue disciples in the body tattoo, enter the text or remember the experience, known as the "needle history"); needle embroidery (embroidery)

Acupuncture treatment

Taizu bitter wind, every hair, confused dizziness, Tuo needle Ge, readily and poor. - "Three Kingdoms"

Needles Another example: acupuncture (acupuncture treatment); acupuncture (acupuncture); needle division (acupuncture physician)

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