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New Syringes Without Needles And Injections
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 20, 2016

Can injections without needles, children no longer have to be afraid of needles. Japan developed a new bubble pressure injection syringes without needles, just syringe against the skin, do not feel pain to high precision drug delivery to the target location.

There are needle-free injector currently on the market, they usually rely on spring power produces a high pressure to launch liquid drug after penetrating the skin to the muscle, but it can damage the nerves, and there is some pain.

Shibaura Institute of technology Associate Professor Yoko, head of the research group of Shanxi new development with this needle-free syringe is about 10 cm in length, which uses voltage high speed launch bubbles in the liquid, harnessing the power of the bubble burst out of the tiny holes in the cell, and then through the hole will contain the drugs inside tiny bubbles into the cell. Bubbles of gas after a only drugs to the affected part.

Because of the clear direction, so a new syringe to high precision treatment for local, and as a result out of the hole only 4 microns, so damage to the cell is very small.

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