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On The Disposition Of Disposable Aesthetic Needles
Dr.c | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

On the disposition of disposable Aesthetic Needles
  Aesthetic Needles manufacturers Xiaobian to introduce you to the disposable use of aesthetics on the treatment requirements. Disposable aesthetics after the needle can not be arbitrarily discarded, the general hospital for aesthetics need to use a certain system, the specific system generally contains the following points.
1, vaccination units should be responsible for a one-time aesthetic disinfection of the United States disguised work.
2, the establishment of a one-time aesthetic transfer or purchase, use, destruction of records, records should be a complete record, the account match.
3, vaccination should be used to use disposable Aesthetic Needles.
4, the use of disposable Aesthetic Needles for vaccination, we must strictly implement the "one person and one needle and one with a destruction" system.
5, grass-roots vaccination unit staff in the use of disposable aesthetics, it should check the Aesthetic Needles packaging is intact and within the validity period, the packaging has been damaged or has exceeded the validity of the product shall not be used.
6, the completion of vaccination, should be used after the disposable aesthetics into the sturdy material made of anti-puncture safety collection containers (safety box), and in the next vaccination before the deal. It is strictly forbidden to use disposable aesthetics.
7, after the use of a one-time Aesthetic Needles can be used to destroy the shape of the destruction of the shape, or the use of hand-shaped shape of the needle, syringe separation, the needle can be directly into the thorn container or pliers with more than 90 degrees, Pliers cut off the nipple, with effective chlorine 1000mg / L disinfectant soak for 60 minutes or more.
    The last unified handling of the destruction, burning or buried treatment, to protect the aesthetic use of a one-time.
   Hospitals and other units can use the metering and recovery system to control, set up someone responsible for fixed-point recycling work, after the use of disposable medical supplies do not carry out "one to one" inventory exchange, to minimize the use of personnel and after the one-time medical supplies too much Contact, we will commonly used Aesthetic Needles, infusion set to measure the unit to measure the number of hospitals with the purchase of the whole year multiplied by the total amount of the amount of recovery and comparison, the total amount of our hospital disposable medical supplies below the recovery 15% to 20%, the reason is that the recovery of disposable medical supplies with some of the residual liquid, so the weight may exceed the hospital's purchase volume. This will avoid the use of disposable infusion and other medical waste is recycled.
 1, a serious use of a serious pollution Aesthetic acupuncture: direct contact with the patient's body fluids, such as blood, chest water, ascites and other aesthetic use of the needle, because the patient's body fluids are a potential source of infection.
    2, the general pollution of the one-time use of Aesthetic Needles: that is, only the needle part of the contact with the patient Aesthetic Needles, such as conventional injection and infusion, usually linked to anti-inflammatory water used in some Aesthetic Needles.
    3, the basic pollution-free disposable needle: do not contact with the basic contact with the basic non-polluting disposable beauty needle, such as dosing when the use of a beautiful needle, of course, to exclude improper operation and pollution.
    This is a one-time use of Aesthetic Needles classification, to be dealt with according to such a classification of the way to deal with different levels of pollution to have different treatment methods.

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