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Ordinary Blunt-tipped Needle Is The Earliest Use Of Disposable Blunt-tipped Needle
Dr.c | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

Ordinary Blunt-tipped Needle is the earliest use of disposable Blunt-tipped Needle
 One-time Blunt-tipped Needle Xiaobian tell you precision filter Blunt-tipped Needle and ordinary Blunt-tipped Needle The difference is that the Blunt-tipped Needle filter membrane material and aperture size is different. Ordinary Blunt-tipped Needle are the earliest use of disposable Blunt-tipped Needle, cheap, widely used, the use of fiber filtration membrane, membrane pore size of 15 microns. Fiber filter membrane encountered strong acid, strong alkaline drugs will fall off and the pore size will become larger, resulting in most of the particles into the patient's body, resulting in vascular blockage, phlebitis, allergic reactions and infusion of adverse reactions occur, so the clinical use of strong acid , Strong alkaline drugs try not to choose ordinary Blunt-tipped Needle, such as the use of ciprofloxacin, Nepeta membrane and other drugs.
 Precision Filtration Blunt-tipped Needle are effective in preventing and reducing the allergic reactions caused by insoluble particles due to their characteristics of the filter media, while also allowing the liquid and air to pass through the very slow in the lumen, making it difficult to discharge them quickly Delayed treatment. The conventional method of exhaust, easy to make the filter terminal gas accumulation, the bubble is not easy to exclude. Exhaust, the end of the infusion tube to improve the 180 degree angle, the needle vertical upward, the infusion tube was "U" type, to ensure that the entire exhaust process precision Blunt-tipped Needle terminal filter opening continued at the top, conducive to air discharge. Blunt-tipped Needle manufacturers, in the mouth of the mouth of the mouth of the infusion tube often have some small bubbles, although the role of gas surface tension bubbles will not move down with the liquid, but will give patients the feeling of distrust.
Solution: the Blunt-tipped Needle has been inserted into the infusion bottle before hanging in the infusion stand, the regulator will be completely closed, and then hang the infusion bottle, and then left hand to the bottom of the plastic tube Fei Fei tube folding, right hand squeeze Press the fat tube, so that the liquid into the 1/2 or 2/3 or so, the left hand to improve the end of the infusion tube, right hand slowly release the regulator (note that the liquid reaches the scalp needle and infusion tube joints, The regulator will be slower, like the joints will not leave the bubble), so that will be able to ensure the success of the exhaust, and the tube without any small bubbles.
 Disposable use of Blunt-tipped Needle, product performance and composition of the disposable use of Blunt-tipped Needle from the coat, the core rod, rubber plug, cone head, by hand and cone and other components. Product range and one-time use of injection needle for subcutaneous, muscle, intravenous injection of liquid, blood or dissolved medicine.
    Usually polyethylene, that is, PP, usually medical grade, with relevant certification. But as far as I know, not all hospitals are using the most stringent medical grade PP raw materials, Blunt-tipped Needle manufacturers will be based on the size of the hospital grade material quality. This material should be available
    1, a variety of sterilization options (high pressure, hot steam, ethylene oxide, gamma rays, electron beam).
    2, excellent transparency and luster.
    3, superior rigidity and impact resistance balance minimum twist.
    4, good low temperature impact resistance.
    So as to meet the need for a one-time use of Blunt-tipped Needle.
   Disposable use of Blunt-tipped Needle in accordance with the use of points, it can be divided into serious pollution, general pollution and basic pollution-free three kinds. For the degree of pollution of different disposable use of Blunt-tipped Needle, and its treatment is different, then the specific is how to classify, so that Blunt-tipped Needle manufacturers to explain the following under.

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