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Sanitary Standards For Aesthetic Needles
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 24, 2017

Sanitary standards for Aesthetic Needles

The hygienic standard of Aesthetic Needles has been a serious problem, and the health standard is Shared with everyone:

The all-glass Aesthetic Needles was not eliminated. From the health point of view. As long as after high temperature and high pressure disinfection and the correct way to store is completely can meet health and safety requirements. But in February 23, 1987 the ministry of health has post the ministry of health on promoting the use of disposable plastic, infusion, blood transfusion tube, Aesthetic Needles notice. Recommend the use of disposable traditional glass aesthetics aesthetics needle as far as possible as long as after high temperature and high pressure sterilization and storage is the right way can completely meet the requirements of health security can be used. Because the use of traditional this aesthetics needle to spend a lot of manpower material resources to do disinfection. Storage. Collection. Distribution, etc. As a one-off aesthetics needle easy to use. So most of the hospital has not adopt the traditional Aesthetic Needles. From the perspective of environmental protection. Or a glass needle aesthetics is better.

The Aesthetic Needles mould is subject to the innovation level of enterprise management:

Enterprise staff overall quality aspect, the vast majority of employees are Germany, Japan mould enterprise or specially trained college, at least 10 years of working experience, mould enterprise technical personnel proportion is very high, most enterprises in more than 25%, some are more than 50%, many enterprise worker often can swap in technology and production jobs. The staff of domestic die enterprises lack the training of high and high technology and the training of advanced numerical control machine tool operation skills, which in some ways also affects the utilization rate of high-end equipment. The proportion of technical personnel of mould enterprise is low, most enterprises are 15% ~ 20%, and the comprehensive development ability is low. In addition, German and Japanese enterprises attach great importance to the development of new products, and the mould factory will often develop with the material manufacturers and product manufacturers. The injection molding machine factory will jointly develop new models with the material manufacturer; Brand-name plastic suppliers and famous car companies jointly develop new products of plastic steel. This kind of strong cooperation makes the enterprise have very strong research and development ability. China's enterprises have a greater gap in innovation and development capacity.

The development of medical technology, the all-glass Aesthetic Needles also comes into being, this kind of Aesthetic Needles does not need the needle, but USES a kind of high - speed high - pressure injector to inject the drug through the skin into the body. This approach can drastically reduce the risk that doctors and nurses accidentally tie themselves to an accident when they use a needle Aesthetic Needles. Insulin can use insulin or insulin pen two aesthetic special Aesthetic Needles, these two tools have some advantages such as simple operation, accurate measurement, the needle nozzle, convenient diabetes independent operation, and to reduce the patient's pain. Also has a view, Iraq and Egypt's surgeon in the 9th century has been developed using a hollow glass tube similar Aesthetic Needles is used to suck the intraocular cataract patients, this method in 1230 is still in use, at least in the 20th century, this method has been improved.

Whether it's a dedicated Aesthetic Needles or an insulin-pencil needle, it's a disposable product, which means that the needle should be replaced after a single injection. Repeated use of needles can blunt the needle, increase pain, and may even cause skin infections.

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