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The Basic Technology And Selection Of Beautiful Syringe And Solid Connector
Dr.c | Updated: May 18, 2017

The basic technology and selection of beautiful syringe and solid connector

 (I. Overview

     Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector Typical electrical system equipment, a variety of electrical connections can be divided into five categories.

            0 class components within the shell connection;

            Level 1 components and PCB board or wire connection;

            2-level PCB board and the cabinet drawer connection;

            Level 3 cabinet drawer and cabinet backplane connection;

            Level 4 cabinet and the connection between the cabinet.

   Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector The above five-level connection summarizes the necessary connection forms for modern electronic system equipment, and the device required to complete the four-stage connection is the connector.

    A complex electronic system equipment requires a large number of various types of connectors, therefore, must be reasonable and correct selection of connectors, in order to achieve quality assurance, improve reliability, reduce costs.

   (B) the basic technology of the connector

1, the basic concept of electrical contact

     Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector The connector is mechanically actuated to complete the circuit on and off, so electrical contact and electrical insulation are two basic properties of the connector. The two conductors are interconnected by mechanical forces. "Contact resistance" refers to the contact between the contact surface generated by the resistance, contact is reliable, essentially refers to the contact resistance is stable The The contact resistance is composed of shrinkage resistance and film resistance, which is related to the contact pressure, which is related to the geometrical shape and material of the contact pair, which is related to the size of the contact passage. Contact with the material to copper and its alloys, according to different requirements, the surface of gold, silver, nickel, tin and so on. The form of contact pairs is divided into point contact, line contact, face contact. Process factors (processing accuracy, finish, plating, heat treatment) directly affect the electrical impact of the contact.

2, the main technical parameters of the connector

       A) contact resistance resistance to the size of the resistance, stability; shell connected between the resistance.

       B) The allowable current of the contact pair is to ensure that the load current, that is, the rated current, is normally on and off.

       C) Insulation resistance means the resistance between the contact pair or between the contact and the enclosure metal

       D) The breakdown voltage refers to the withstand voltage of the insulating part

       E) characteristic impedance and standing wave ratio refers specifically to the high frequency connector matching characteristics

       F) contact pressure, insertion force, separation force

   In addition, there are operating force, operating torque, life.

3, the basic structure of the connector

From the structural principle points, the connector has three main parts, contact pairs, insulators, shells.

       A) The contact of the connector is divided into pinhole type, tuning fork type and curved reed type. Mostly comprising a guide portion, a contact portion, a mounting portion, and a terminating portion.

  B) the insulator of the connector its main role is to support and fixed contact pairs, so that contact with each other insulation;

An additional device for mounting the connector.

       C) connector housing its main role is mechanical, environmental protection, shielding; support the installation of insulators; head seat connection and separation; installation of fixed connector; fixed cable to the end.

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