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The Physical Requirements Of The Needles
Dr.c | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

The physical requirements of the Needles
 1 When the exhaust leaves the bubble
There are some small bubbles in the infusion tube at the lower end of the fleece, although the bubbles do not move down with the liquid due to the surface tension of the gas, but will give the patient a sense of distrust.
Solution: the plug has been inserted in the infusion bottle hanging before the infusion stand, the regulator will be completely closed, and then hang the infusion bottle, and then left hand will be the end of the plastic tube Fei Fei tube folding, right hand squeeze Mao Felix tube, let the liquid into the 1/2 or 2/3 or so, the left hand to improve the end of the infusion tube, right hand slowly release the regulator (note that the liquid reaches the scalp Needles and infusion tube joints, The device is slower, like the Department of joints will not leave bubbles), so that will be able to ensure the success of the exhaust, and the tube without any small bubbles.
2 Occasionally there will be gas in the infusion tube
As the bottle is not exhausted after dosing, just plug the Needles, the liquid overflow from the exhaust pipe, so that the exhaust pipe into the gas directly into the infusion tube.
Solution: in the pin when the liquid bottle is placed, first plug the exhaust pipe, so that the bottle of excess gas discharge, and then inverted bottle, inserted into the infusion tube, to avoid the discharge from the exhaust pipe, Tube and infusion tube when the two Needles slope is not relative, and do not rely on too close, and pay attention to observe the first intake situation, to avoid this phenomenon.
3 Mai Fei's tube surface to decline
Solution: As the infusion tube into the plug of the Needles and the plastic pipe joints at the seal is not good, a small amount of air from here into the Maofei tube, can cause the liquid surface to drop, by observing, if this phenomenon immediately replace the Needles.
4 puncture is not easy to see back to the blood
Solution: Before the puncture to adjust the regulator to the Feifei pipe and scalp Needles joints between about half, so that the pressure inside the tube is relatively low, the puncture when the blood back significantly.
5 Precautions when pulling the Needles
Because in the puncture when the subcutaneous and then into the blood vessels, so the injection is completed, with a dry cotton swab along the puncture point up the longitudinal pressure on the skin of the eye and blood vessels can not see the eye, and not only lateral pressure on the skin, This can be anti-subcutaneous bleeding, while attention in the Needles when the action should be rapid, first pull out the Needles quickly after the dry cotton swab press, this will avoid the patient had soreness.
Many people are afraid of injections because of fear and pain, but after many years the problem will be resolved. At present, scientists are developing a "micro Needles", its diameter as fine as hair, can significantly reduce or even eliminate the pain during injection. The future development of the Needles, must be toward a more effective, more secure, more humane direction.
      Sick to the hospital injection, water, for the modern people is not surprising. But do you know how the Needles used in the injection is invented? Why can it be so safe? This seemingly humble invention, in fact, has a long history.
As early as the 1760s, Germany appeared on the intravenous infusion of the monks, this time a small number of doctors in order to save lives, made with animal bladder intravenous injection tools, with hollow branches into the human body for blood transfusion, but caused a lot of fatal complications. Subsequently, due to the ban on the Paris parliament, this technology gradually disappeared. By the beginning of the 19th century, the rapid development of pharmaceutical technology, doctors began to try further, syringes came into being, the Needles by the Irish doctor Francis Ryan invented. But the real combination of syringes and Needless was achieved by the joint efforts of the 1953 Scottish doctor Alexander Wood and the French Charles Prampeys, which became the originator of the modern Needles. Subsequently, Alexander has improved the Needles: the Needles with the scale, the Needles is more fine. This improvement has made the Needles widely used, bringing the leap in the history of medicine.

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