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The Principle And Introduction Of Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector
Dr.c | Updated: Aug 03, 2017

The principle and introduction of Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector
   Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector and solid connector manufacturers to tell you that with the development of science and technology, more and more areas need to fluid flow or flow rate for precise control, such as the chemical field of trace chemical elements of the detection and analysis often Need to precisely control the flow. The flow and flow rate of the liquid in the field of health care is sometimes precisely controlled. Intravenous infusion is one of the most commonly used clinical treatment methods, is a professional nursing care technology. Clinically should be based on the different conditions of drugs and patients with appropriate infusion rate. Infusion is too fast, may lead to poisoning, more serious will lead to edema and heart failure; infusion is too slow may occur in the dose is not enough or unnecessary to extend the infusion time, so that treatment is affected and to patients and nursing work to increase unnecessary burden The Conventional clinical infusion, commonly used hanging bottle infusion, and eye observation, relying on manual clip to control the rate of drug drops, easy to control the infusion speed, and the workload. Cancer treatment and the treatment of critically ill patients need to keep the drug at a constant rate of perfusion, by adjusting the input speed and time to chemotherapeutic drugs evenly and continuously into the infusion, both to achieve the best results of chemotherapy, but also to minimize the chemotherapy drugs Side effects.
 As a Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector and a solid connector instead of a conventional infusion method, there must first be a liquid pusher, which should be finely graded to accommodate the precise adjustment of the flow. In order to achieve a precise adjustment, it should also be the actual flow detection, and with the preset flow for comparison, and then to adjust the liquid propulsion device to achieve the purpose of negative feedback control. As the liquid is directly into the patient's vein, to a large extent related to the patient's comfort, so there must be an alarm system. In the event of an exception, it should promptly stop the infusion, and produce light alarm and alarm, so that medical staff in a timely manner. The required infusion flow (ml / h) and dropping (drops / min) can be set by the buttons on the instrument panel. Usually in the panel can also show the set the flow and the actual input. At present, many Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector and solid connectors can also set the total input, when the input reaches the required total amount of liquid, the Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector and solid connector can automatically stop the infusion and display on the panel Has entered the body of the liquid. In addition, usually in the panel can also display the source of the alarm for the medical staff to deal with.
  A disposable aesthetic syringe and a solid connector are composed of a needle, a syringe, a piston and a push rod. The front end of the plunger is connected with a nipple, characterized in that the needle is hollow and the needle ends of the needle are pinhole, The middle part of the needle is fixed inside the nipple of the disposable aesthetic syringe and the solid connector. The front end of the needle is exposed outside the beautiful syringe and the solid connector. The rear end of the needle is located inside the beautiful syringe and the solid connector syringe, The rear end portion of the needle has a barb which is located behind the tip of the rear end portion of the needle; a third pinhole is provided on the rear end portion of the needle and the third pinhole is located at the rear end portion of the needle in contact with the nipple , The spacing between the third pinhole and the barb is slightly greater than the thickness of the piston so that the piston can be placed in the interval between the third pinhole and the barb.
 Check the product name, factory address, sterilization method, sterilization date, validity period, model, specification, production lot number, date, quantity, product trademark, inspection certificate, instructions, etc., and packing Good sealing. Acceptance of disposable aesthetic syringes and solid connectors: Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector should be clean, free of particles and foreign matter, clear scale, Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector on the inner surface shall not be significantly visible lubricant aggregation, empty needle piston And the rod is connected, there is a good seal when the suction, the jacket and the piston contact with the site shall not have leakage phenomenon, injection needle without hook, sharp, smooth needle, needle meet the national standard. The beauty of the syringe and solid connector acceptance: infusion tube soft and tough, transparent, smooth, no debris, needle hard and smooth, sharp tip, with a drug filter, protective cover, drop needle to facilitate observation of drip, Elastic moderate, flow and the size of the various parts meet the required standards.

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