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The Use Of Blunt-tipped Needle And Maintenance
Dr.c | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

The use of Blunt-tipped Needle and maintenance
How to use Blunt-tipped Needle
① Before use, check whether there is no tip burr, needle curl, and body crack. To eliminate the residue of the previous sample between the samples, use the sample for 5 to 20 runs. But the initial 2 to 3 times the sample must be discarded.
② In order to remove the air bubbles from the syringe, the tip is immersed in the sample solution to repeat the operation of extraction and extraction. The needle is easily removed from the upper side of the needle.
③ extract more than the final amount of the sample, and then then aligned with the scale line. Note that the syringe should not be tilted. First, do not produce small fibers such as paper and so wipe the tip and then injection.
④ After use must be washed with pure water or acetone, after drying in the air to do custody.
【Blunt Needle Cleaning Method】
For the solvent used to clean the blunt needle, the solubility of the residual substance (used sample, etc.) must be considered, and pure water or methanol · acetone and the like are usually used.
◆ blunt head of the overall cleaning
 ① Wash with warm water and non-alkaline · phosphorus-free detergent
② With pure water or acetone and other solvents to extract the launch, a short time cleaning.
③ dry with air.
 ◆ cleaning of the core rod
① the core rod after cleaning with a clean cloth and other wipe, and then back into the syringe.
② When loading the syringe, please note that the mandrel is bent.
◆ Needle cleaning
① When cleaning the needle, be careful not to block the eye.
(2) The inside of the syringe is filled with a solvent for cleaning, and the core rod is pushed firmly.
(3) Be careful not to curl the tip of the needle (pst2, pst4, etc.) with acute angle. If the tip is curled, use a needle sander or the like to grind.
【Blunt needle on the use of attention】
① Do not immerse the blunt needle in the solvent. Will cause the bonding part of the crack.
② Do not place the blunt needle in a drastic temperature setting. Will cause damage.
③ Do not place the blunt needle for a long time in a strong acid or polar solvent. Will cause cracking and damage.
(4) The connecting portion of the needle and the syringe of the fixed needle-type blunt needle is made of an epoxy resin, and therefore, the use of the adhesive may flow out due to the erosion of the sample or the cleaning solvent used. Please select the appropriate blunt needle according to the sample used.
【Note on the use of the core
① Blunt-tipped Needle core rod (metal core rod) because it is with each syringe to do with the inspection, so the core can not be exchanged.
(2) Do not push the lever when the inside of the blunt needle is in a dry state (the sample is not taken). Doing so may cause damage to the inside of the syringe.
③ The bent mandrel will have a negative effect on the use of the blunt needle, so please note that the mandrel is bent.
④ Do not push the handle rod while the needle is clogged. Due to high pressure, the needle may be cracked.
[On the blunt needle autoclave treatment]
Needle-type Blunt-tipped Needle (except SL-type Blunt-tipped Needle), needle · syringe · core rod and other parts can be split in the state of autoclave treatment, the treatment time of about 20 minutes.

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