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To Clean The Blunt-tipped Needle
Dr.c | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

To clean the Blunt-tipped Needle
Caused by the syringe jam, which is mainly because we have a lot of samples are relatively sticky or easy to degenerate, if the needle did not wash clean, and other solvents are dry or dry after the dry, it will cause the needle core is stuck in the needle Difficult to pull out or tip part of the block, can not absorb the solution, which will eventually cause damage to the syringe. Therefore, cleaning the syringe in the daily analysis is an important task, we must do well. Sometimes special needle-specific, but because the cleaning of blunt needle solvent is sometimes shared, so if the brush needle does not follow the requirements to do, will soon make the solvent by a variety of samples of pollution, resulting in cross-contamination, which will be in the next Sub-analysis appeared ghost peak, interference determination.

        To clean the blunt needle, I think we should do the following aspects: 1. According to the requirements of cleaning the needle to do. We generally wash the needle, the first solvent with more than 20 times to hit the waste bottle, the infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer and then in the solvent several times after the pull, and then dry nitrogen or air to the barrel of the solvent dry, pull no Obstruction can be stored, or should be re-washed. 2. Wash the solvent to be frequently replaced, so that the solvent is contaminated and affect the effect of washing the needle. We can put a small amount of solvent in the solvent bottle, a short time to replace, so you can save solvent and reduce consumption. 3. If conditions permit, try not to do a variety of samples of the needle in the same bottle of solvent to wash, completely cut off the root causes of cross pollution. 4. According to the nature of the solvent used in the sample and sample pretreatment, select the appropriate solvent that can dissolve out the sample and dissolve the solvent used to process the sample. The reason is simple. If the solvent can not dissolve the sample, it can not be used for cleaning purposes ; In addition, if the solvent and sample preparation of the solvent before the solvent is not miscible, the same can not play the purpose of cleaning, there may be because the two substances are not miscible caused by needle clogging. We can directly use the sample pretreatment solvent as the washing solvent.

        Usually work, we may be due to lazy or time reasons sometimes wash the needle is not in place, resulting in a needle damage, this example we have a lot of work. Work, we should be in strict accordance with the requirements of cleaning blunt need to do, to reduce unnecessary trouble and loss.

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