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What Kind Of Instrument Is A Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector?
Dr.c | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

What kind of instrument is a Aesthetic Syringe And Solid Connector?
 Since the solvent for cleaning the needle is sometimes shared, it is not possible to make the solvent contaminated by various samples if it is not as required, resulting in cross-contamination, which will result in ghost peaks at the next analysis. The Followed by the cause of syringe blockage, mainly because we have a lot of samples are relatively sticky or easy to degenerate, if the needle is not washed clean, and other solvents are dry or dry after the dry, it will cause the needle core was stuck in the needle It is difficult to pull out or tip part of the block, can not absorb the solution, which will eventually cause damage to the syringe. Therefore, cleaning the syringe in the daily analysis is an important task, we must do well.

        Aesthetical syringe and a solid connector are a precision fluid collection device that is freely adjustable within a certain capacity. The basic principle is to rely on the movement of the piston in the device. The moving distance of the air piston is controlled by the adjustment wheel Actually, the push button drives the push rod to move the piston down to remove the gas from the piston chamber. After the release, the piston in the role of the return spring to restore the original position, thus completing a liquid absorption process.

        Factors affecting the accuracy of beautiful syringes and solid connectors: 1) Operational errors: including 300C hand-held pipette aspiration; with the nozzle does not match, more likely to cause off; residual reagent back, pollution of the piston and seal; Liquid discharge, resulting in some of the liquid residue in the tip and so will affect the accuracy. 2) pipette damage: including the head of the pipette was scratched, broken damage; piston pollution; spring by corrosion and so on. 3) the impact of operating conditions: including not adjusted to absorb water with different density of water; sample and pipette difference is too large and so on.
In order to improve the stability of the metal stabilizer effect, adding phosphorus auxiliary agent to further increase the toxicity of PVC materials; waste PVC treatment difficulties, the environment will cause serious pollution.

        The rapid development of the plastics industry, injections into the injection of new elements. In 1956, New Zealand doctor Colin Murdoch invented a disposable plastic syringe, it not only adhering to the traditional glass syringe transparent, inert advantages, but also easy to damage, easy to transport, low cost, easy to recover and other characteristics, safety is glass The syringe is catching up. Since then the new syringe began to scale production, and gradually become the first choice for doctors.

        The use of PVC as a disposable medical device has the following shortcomings: PVC may be a small amount of residual polyethylene monomer, the compound has been confirmed to be carcinogenic substances; processing must be used in the use of plasticizers may gradually migrate out Pollution of the liquid; add a variety of metal compounds as a stabilizer, may enter the human body harm health; domestic and international disposable medical equipment commonly used PVC as raw material, the material with a comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, low prices, simple production process Etc.

        Beautiful syringes and solid connectors can be used as a collection of cylinders, measuring cylinders, droppers, separators, beakers and other commonly used instruments. The gas sample should also be carefully sampled, the sample should be inserted into a syringe into a pressure of the sample gas container so that the syringe core slowly automatically ejected until the required volume to ensure that the sampling is correct. Sampling should be immediately after injection, injection, the syringe should be perpendicular to the inlet, inserted in the end after the rapid injection of the sample, immediately after the withdrawal of the syringe, the whole action should be stable, coherent, rapid. The position of the tip in the injector, the speed of insertion, the time of stay, and the speed of extraction are repeated.

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